S8 E12 Episode 12

01/06/17 | TV-PG | CC

A couple from Homestead, Florida, create a line of dolls; a cat-loving couple from Portland, Oregon, pitch their innovative cat companion products; a husband and wife team from New York have an online shop for replacing men's outworn undergarments; and a former Navy SEAL from Austin, Texas, looks for a deal to take his coffee business nationwide.

PITCH: Naturally Perfect Dolls

Naturally Perfect is dedicated to creating a line of dolls that represents the full spectrum of beauty.  We want young girls everywhere to have a beautiful doll that affirms their own natural beauty and helps them to learn how to care for their natural, curly hair. We want kids to feel proud of how they look while having fun.

Learn More: www.naturallyperfectdolls.com

PITCH: PDX Pet Design

At PDX Pet Design, we create products your pet would design if she could. We believe in the superior nature of our furry friends and strive to offer them thoughtfully designed products that truly enhance their lifestyle while strengthening the human-pet bond.

In 2015, PDX released SHRU – The Intelligent Cat Companion to stimulate kitties both mentally and physically while the humans are out for the day. SHRU was the first-ever intelligent cat toy and continues to delight feline friends all over the world. LICKI Brush was launched in 2016 as an act of love, enabling humans and kitties to engage in the dearest form of bonding between mama cat and kitten – licking. With an innovative approach to animal behavior, you'll want to keep an eye on what PDX Pet Design comes up with next.

Learn More: www.PDXpetdesign.com

PITCH: Basic Outfitters

Basic Outfitters is an online destination where men can refill their drawers with high quality basics at affordable price points. Their flagship service is called Create-a-Drawer, which allows you to refill all your basics including socks, underwear, tees and joggers for only $60 (a $120 value). Basic Outfitters is making it so easy for men to buy new basics, that they no longer have any excuse not to.

Learn More: www.basicoutfitters.com

PITCH: Victory Coffees

We are a Veteran owned Company with the sole mission to DELIVER you our 5-Star "Award winning" coffee. Start your day with a VICTORY!

Learn More: www.VICTORYcoffees.com

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