S8 E15 Episode 15

02/03/17 | TV-PG | CC

A professional body builder from Henderson, Nevada, demonstrates a unique cooler that keeps multiple drinks separated inside one cold container; a mom from West Hartford, Connecticut, pitches her stylish version of baby mats; two surfers from Carlsbad, California, shop their portable pressurized shower kit; and an entrepreneur from Hermosa Beach, California, looks for an investor in his specialty folding smart cart business.

PITCH: The Kooler

The worlds only Kooler within a Kooler. The Kooler keeps your pre, intra and post exercise drinks all together inside one ice cold container. "What's in your Kooler?"

Learn More: TheKooler.com

PITCH: Little Nomad

Little Nomad is the most beautiful foam play mats ever!

Learn More: www.Little-Nomad.com

PITCH: RinseKit

The revolutionary RinseKit is the only portable shower to have the pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries. With up to 4 minutes of spray time, RinseKit's 2 gallon system holds pressure for over a month. So whether you're at the beach, trailhead, campsite or dog park, RinseKit is like having a hose to go!

Learn More: www.RinseKit.com

PITCH: dbest products

We make innovative patented: collapsible carts,collapsible coolers, collapsible pet carriers, folding dollys and folding backpacks. Everything folds for compact storage! We make dbest products!!

Learn More: www.dbest-products.com

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