S8 E17 Episode 17

02/17/17 | TV-PG | CC

Two former Google employees show off a subscription service that teaches kids how to code; a woman from New York designs an app where children can use an animal plush toy to send and receive voice mails; a self-proclaimed serial plant killer takes the guesswork out of growing indoor plants with software that automates water, light and plant food; and two men change a dynamic of the hotel industry with an app and website that allows customers to book a day room.

PITCH: Bitsbox

Bitsbox teaches kids to love coding with crazyfun app-building projects that come in the mail every month. Kids code on a computer, and they can play their apps on any smartphone or tablet. You won't believe how fast they catch on! At Bitsbox, we believe that the best apps for kids are the ones they build themselves. 

Learn More: www.bitsbox.com

PITCH: Toymail

Toymail is the only safe, screen free way for kids to voice chat with friends and family - and it works through toys. With just a push of a button, kids can connect to Mom, Dad, Grandparents and friends at any time, from anywhere. Parents use the Toymail app to send messages and approve contacts.

Learn More: toymailtoys.com

PITCH: ēdn

At ēdn, we are on a mission to change the way the world grows. We build intelligent and beautiful indoor gardens that enable anyone to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and even flowers - all year around, at the push of a button. The SmallGarden and WallGarden bring the beauty and wonder of nature into your home, no matter the season.

Learn More: https://www.edntech.com/

PITCH: Hotels By Day

Ever wish you could indulge in a hotel hours before check-in, or long after check-out? Now you can with HotelsByDay, the premier provider of day-stay hotel spaces. Priced at a discount from a typical overnight, rooms booked on HotelsByDay give you flexibility, comfort, and a space of your own—by day. With all the amenities of a hotel, you can relax, recharge & be productive anywhere. Check in AM, check out PM – simple!

Learn More: www.hotelsbyday.com

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