S8 E19 Episode 19

03/03/17 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Santa Maria, California, shows the Sharks his product that takes the love of wine to the next level; a working mom from San Diego, California, impresses with a special tool that helps women everywhere; two brothers from Agoura Hills, California, recycle old billboards to make one-of-a-kind accessories; and a man from San Francisco, California, showcases lozenges that can prevent overeating and curb snacking.

PITCH: Blendtique Wine Company

Blendtique Wine Company offers a revolutionary new concept whereby the everyday consumer can create and design a personalized wine blend from the comfort of home. For the first time, individuals, couples, and businesses can take part in the winemaking process -not simply to taste, but to blend, experiment, and even package a wine created thoughtfully by them, for them using Blendtique's signature blending kit. Blendtique's one-of-a-kind system helps put the power of creativity back into the hands of the consumer and business owners -allowing them to both customize their wine experience and capitalize upon their unique creation through brand representation, special events, retail sales, or simple at home enjoyment. Become your own favorite winemaker at blendtique.com!

Learn More: blendtique.com

PITCH: The Sleep Styler

The Sleep Styler is a brand new product that will dry and style your hair while you sleep. The patent pending rollers are made with super absorbent yoga towel fabric that wicks moisture out of the hair while remaining dry to the touch. The memory foam inside ensures a great night's sleep. The average woman spends an hour a day drying and styling her hair, but The Sleep Styler cuts that down to just 5 minutes! For the cost of one salon blowout you can have healthy and styled hair every day with The Sleep Styler. Launching in a Mini size for shorter hair this spring!

Learn More: www.thesleepstyler.com

PITCH: Rareform

Rareform repurposes billboard vinyls into one-of-a-kind backpacks, wallets, tote bags, duffle bags and other accessories. Each item is unique, bold, and eco-friendly. Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2012 by brothers Alec and Aric Avedissian, Rareform has roots in surf and the active lifestyle.

Learn More: www.rareform.com

PITCH: MealEnders

MealEnders are taste-bud scintillating 15-calorie signaling-lozenges that you can take anywhere, anytime to help you beat overeating, master portion control and curb snacking without drugs or stimulants. MealEnders employ behavioral psychology and sensory science to help you satisfy and end snack cravings and avoid excess calories at mealtime. They reward and reset your taste buds and help you bridge the 20 minutes it takes for your brain to register that your stomach is full. MealEnders come in four great-tasting flavors.

Learn More: www.MealEnders.com

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