S8 E02 Episode 2

09/30/16 | TV-PG | CC

A man from Reno, Nevada pitches a line of heat and eat paleo meals; a father and son from Louisiana show off a high-tech device for catching fish; and an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida sells the Sharks on how he can turn a suit jacket into a tuxedo.

PITCH: GoodHangups

GoodHangups turns you wall into a magnet board and is perfect for hang poster, prints, photos, cards and more.

Learn More: www.goodhangups.com

PITCH: Ice Age Meals 

Frozen Paleo meals that taste great? Believe it. Meet Ice Age Meals - nutritionally on point, crazy good, and ready whenever you are.

Learn More: www.iceagemeals.net  

PITCH: The Lapel Project

The Lapel Project has created the third option in men's fashion with a patent-pending application that converts a suit into a tuxedo, branding and/or marketing tool!

Learn More: www.thelapelproject.com

PITCH: The TactiBite Fish Cal

The TactiBite Fish Call helps you catch more fish! It's not magic - it's science! Fish are curious and head towards the sounds and vibrations it produces in search of their next meal! And yes, it really works.

Learn More: www.TheFishCall.com 

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