S8 E23 Episode 23

05/05/17 | TV-PG | CC

Two entrepreneurs from Placentia, California, pitch their solution to underarm sweat marks and stains; brothers from Walnut Creek, California, believe their belt buckle that doubles as a wallet is the most convenient way to carry your essentials; U.S. Army veterans from Chicago, Illinois, hope to empower farmers by helping them cultivate and harvest saffron; and a former executive chef from Colorado Springs, Colorado, thinks his multi-purpose mixing bowl will become the next go-to kitchen gadget.

PITCH: Thompson Tee

The Thompson Tee Inc. created and patented a special undershirt guaranteed to block underarm sweat, preventing embarrassing wet marks and yellow stains! Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A., the Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Sweatproof Technology is restoring confidence around the world!

Learn More: www.thompsontee.com

PITCH: Wallet Buckle

The Wallet Buckle is the quickest, most convenient, and secure way to store and access your cards and ID!!

Learn More: http://www.walletbuckle.com

PITCH: Rumi Spice

We are former Army officers who served combat tours in Afghanistan. Since leaving the military, we cofounders feel we still have unfinished business to support Afghanistan and its people. We founded Rumi to work directly with Afghan farmers to import exceptionally high quality saffron. In Afghanistan, we've hired 384 Afghan women to become the largest private employer of Afghan women, stood up three processing facilities, and partnered with over 90 farmers. Rumi saffron now graces the tables and kitchens of the best restaurants and retailers across the nation. Join us in laying a foundation for peace and prosperity through business, one saffron flower at a time!

Learn More: http://www.rumispice.com

PITCH: Peoples Design

As a chef, I started my business Peoples Design, and created the ScoopingBowl to help create spectacular dishes faster, cleaner, and more efficiently! The ScoopingBowl will remove ingredients with its patented Spatula assembly with one easy motion. This go to kitchen product can also be used as a colander, egg separator, or to serve two dishes at once.Declutter your kitchen by using the ScoopingBowl! 

Learn More: ScoopingBowl.com

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