S8 E03 Episode 3

10/07/16 | TV-PG | CC

Cookie legend Wally Amos hopes his new brand of cookies duplicates his past success; two sisters from St. Cloud, Florida, share an emotional story while pitching their swimsuits for moms; two men from Broomfield, Colorado, drop their own cell phone into a toilet to prove their invention can save damaged tech devices; and a bidding war ensues among the Sharks with a married couple from Orlando, Florida, who stumbled upon the bright idea to put safety light clips on running shoes.

PITCH: Cookie Kahuna

"Wally Amos is, "The Caretaker of the Taste."  He's the William Morris talent agent who took his Auntie's recipe for chocolate chip cookies, opened the world's first gourmet cookie store, and became a famous and beloved figure in American pop culture.  Wally Amos declared that all products should be made from the finest and PUREST INGREDIENTS; the taste became renowned. Then Wally famously lost his company. Subsequent corporations changed the ingredients, and the ORIGINAL RECIPE seemed lost. But people remembered the TASTE. Wally has gone back to his original recipes and techniques and now the cookie that you have always remembered is back under Wally's new brand name, THE COOKIE KAHUNA."

Learn More: www.cookiekahuna.com

PITCH: Night Runner

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights safely light the way to run, walk, bike and hike from dusk until dawn. With no headbands, belts or straps, Night Runner is great for urban running, trail running, hiking, cycling and walking. Our tag line, 'See More \ Do More' embodies the vision of Night Runner to promote a healthy, safe and active lifestyle long after the sun has set.

Learn More: www.NightRunner270.com

PITCH: Raising Wild

Raising Wild is a swimwear line for real women.  Founded by native Floridian sisters who are also young mothers, Raising Wild swimwear empowers women of all shapes and lifestyles to get out of their beach chairs and confidently enjoy their own adventure. The design of the suits allow women to move freely without compromise on fit, fashion or function.

Learn More: www.raisingwildswim.com


Every year, 22 MILLION people in the U.S. get their cellphones wet. TekDry provides a miracle service that can erase that grueling mistake in just 30 minutes and can be found at select Staples stores nationwide.  If you get a wet phone, DON'T PLUG IT IN and contact TekDry immediately.

Learn More:  www.tekdry.com

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