S8 E04 Episode 4

10/14/16 | TV-PG | CC

Two sisters from Memphis, Tennessee pitch body sprays and lotions for tween and teen girls; a third-generation chocolatier from St. Augustine, Florida has a family business that manufactures chocolate candy with a toy inside; a veteran food entrepreneur from Austin, Texas has a device that turns a stick of butter into spray; and two entrepreneurs from New York plug their invention that makes high heels more functional and comfortable.

PITCH: Angels and Tomboys®

Angels and Tomboys® is a beauty and bodycare company for 'tween girls created by sibling Kidpreneurs Madison Star & Mallory Iyana. Pop open your Angels and Tomboys® product and you'll not only smell good but, you'll feel good too. By girls for girls.

Learn More: www.angelsandtomboys.com

PITCH: Atlantic Candy Company

Atlantic Candy Company is a family owned business from St. Augustine, Fl that produces millions of confectionery articles a year. They make chocolate products that contain surprise toys inside.

Learn More: www.atlanticcandy.com

PITCH: The biēm Butter Sprayer

Cooking, home entertaining, and baking just got infinitely easier with the creation of the biem butter sprayer, a first-of-its-kind kitchen tool that lets users convert a stick of real butter from solid to liquid spray in seconds.  The new handheld device gives users a much more efficient way to use and enjoy real butter that was never possible before!  The biem does so by using its proprietary touch-controlled design, motion-detecting technology and without any chemical propellants.  

Learn More: www.biemspray.com


Solemates is a brand of women's shoe solutions, known for their flagship line, the High Heeler, a patented heel cap that prevents high heels from sinking into grass and getting stuck in cracks.  Monica Ferguson & Becca Brown are the co-founders of Solemates, and invented the product after being sick of ruining their high heels at weddings and outdoor events.  Solemates offers a comprehensive line of shoe care and accessory items and are sold in major retailers such as Nordstrom, DSW, David's Bridal, and on the company's website (www.thesolemates.com).  Solemates are proudly made in the USA and headquartered in NYC.

Learn More: www.thesolemates.com

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