S8 E09 Episode 9

11/18/16 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneurial couple from San Francisco ply the Sharks with adorable puppies in hopes of getting them to invest in their subscription service for puppy products; a woman from Boston is passionate about popularizing algae as a nutritional health supplement in America; and an avid fisherman from Hudson, Wisconsin, peddles his fishing line cutting tool.

PITCH: Barbell Apparel's

Barbell Apparel makes casual wear that fits and performs like high tech athletic gear. Built with a tailored athletic fit and engineered for performance, their clothing will make sure you handle whatever your day demands. Best known for their flagship Athletic Fit Denim, they also offer Chinos, shorts, dress pants, and more.

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PITCH: EnergyBits

ENERGYbits® is the first company to build algae into a national brand for active consumers and athletes - making it easy to understand, easy to take, stylish and fun. For the last fifty years algae has been endorsed by NASA and the United Nations as the most nutritionally dense food in the world and the answer to many nutritional deficiencies and health issues. Yet it has remained virtually unknown outside of Asia. ENERGYbits® is changing this by bringing this 3 billion year old nutritional super food into the spotlight.  Have you had your bits yet today?  

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PITCH: LineCutterz

Vance Zahorski discovered his love of fishing as a little boy fishing Lake Chetek, Wisconsin with his grandpa catching sunnies, bass, walleye and northern pike. He fished year round including ice fishing in the Wisconsin winters. As he got older he expanded his love of fishing to include ocean fishing and kayak fishing. After 35 years of fishing, and countless times cutting line with his teeth or fumbling for scissors and knives, Vance thought there had to be a safer and more convenient way to perform such a simple task. He immediately began designing his now patent-pending line cutting ring for cutting fishing line. In this way, he can enjoy a quick, convenient cut and get back to doing what he loves doing best - catching fish! After using this ring, Vance considers this one of his ultimate fishing essentials. using this ring, Vance considers this one of his ultimate fishing essentials.

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PupBox is changing the way people raise their puppies. We deliver all of the toys, treats, accessories and training information a new puppy parent needs on a monthly basis. Puppyhood is hard, PupBox makes it easier.

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