S9 E14 Episode 14

01/07/18 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, introduces an ingenious kitchen tool that solves for the splatter that sprays your kitchen and clothes when cooking; an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida, invents a special stroller that allows caregivers to also fit in a workout; and entrepreneurs from New York City believe they have created the best men's garment out there.


Invented in Brooklyn, NY, FRYWALL is an ingenious solution to one of the biggest gripes in cooking — the splatter that sprays your kitchen and clothes anytime you cook. 

Learn More: frywall.com

PITCH: Birddogs

Birddogs Shorts is a New York based company that built a pair of gym shorts with a silky-soft inner liner. Wanting to be free of the constraints of underwear, the Founder teamed up with the Head of Men's Design at Lululemon to create the most comfortable pair of gym shorts that you never have to take off.

Learn More: birddogs.com

PITCH: Inirv

Inirv's mission is to enable people around the world to cook smarter and safer. Inirv's product consists of smart knobs and a sensor unit that instantly make the stove smart for the first time. It enables more hands-free cooking through automatic burner adjustment based on a selected recipe. Inirv also makes cooking voice-activated and lets you set cook times, select recipes, and modulate burner settings with your voice. You can even monitor the status of your stove and turn it off remotely if needed.

Learn More: inirv.com

PITCH: Elliptical Stroller

This is the first elliptical stroller in the world! A new stroller propelled by elliptical motion that will allow new moms to lose the extra pregnancy weight by staying with their child in the outdoors. The entire mechanism folds, making the stroller very versatile.

Learn More: www.ellipticalstroller.com

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