S9 E22 Episode 22

02/11/18 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from San Clemente, California, pitches his eyewear design; an entrepreneur from New York City introduces the world to healthy fast food; an entrepreneur from Burlingame, California, shows the Sharks they can cook anywhere under the sun with her portable solar invention; and brothers from Arlington, Virginia, present their all-natural super beverage.


GUNNAR is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. GUNNAR's premium eyewear defends eyes against short and long-term effects of digital eyestrain and blue light. Our patented lenses add focus, reduce exhaustion, block blue light, help you sleep, and minimize dryness so your eyes can finally relax.

Learn More: www.gunnar.com

PITCH: Avocaderia

Avocaderia is the world's first avocado bar, based in Brooklyn, NY. Our unique take-out restaurant concept focuses on providing customers with fresh, healthy, and delicious food served quick and casual with an emphasis on nutrition and affordability. All recipes are crafted using organic avocado as the main ingredient.

Learn More: www.avocaderia.com

PITCH: SolSource

SolSource is a solar-powered stove that cooks using only the power of the sun! So, you can save money, save time, and save energy. Our innovative products have won numerous global invention awards and been recognized by MIT, the US National Science Foundation, and the United Nations.

Learn More: www.oneearthdesigns.com

PITCH: Sunniva

The world's first Super Coffee was born in 2015 by three brothers, each a collegiate student athlete. As a freshman, the youngest brother was falling asleep in class after late nights in the library and early morning basketball practices. He refused to settle for the sugary bottled coffees and energy drinks sold in his school store. Using a blender in his dorm room, he brewed an enhanced coffee mixed with protein and healthy fats from coconut oil for all-day energy. Super Coffee worked so well for him that he dropped out of school and hired his two older brothers to share his dorm-room dream with the world. Today, Super Coffee is sold on college campuses nationwide and will soon be coming to a grocery store near you!

Learn More: www.drinksupercoffee.com

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