S9 E06 Episode 6

10/29/17 | TV-PG | CC

A graphic designer and a patent attorney from Olympia, Washington, have a high-tech way to make children's story time more magical, but the Sharks are skeptical of their business model; a father from Brooklyn, New York, has a brand of functional paternity clothing for new dads; parents from Salem, Utah, bring in their five daughters to showcase a solution to hairy drain problems in the shower and bathtub; and a former pro football player and his business partner pitch a better version of a workout device.

Also, a profile on Sara Blakely, the founder and sole owner of the category-defining company, Spanx, and how her brand was born from a simple goal. She is an advocate of empowering women to be whatever they want to be in order to build successful businesses and create economic opportunity in their communities.

PITCH: Brazyn Life

Founded by NFL veteran Nate Lawrie, Brazyn Life aims to help people accomplish their fitness goals through innovative, high quality, and truly portable products. Brazyn's launch product, The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller, emphatically meet all three criteria. The most portable foam roller in the world, The Morph provides the usability and functionality of a standard size foam roller with ground breaking, patented, Collapsible Core Technology. The Morph is like having a massage therapist, chiropractor, and stability trainer all in a single, easy to pack device.

Learn More: BrazynLife.com

PITCH: Novel Effect

Would you rather have the kids in your life asking for more screen time? Or more storytime? The Novel Effect app brings stories to life. Using books you already own, simply read out loud and suddenly Peter Rabbit comes alive with frisky music and the sound of excited hopping. Make storytime magic and create lifelong readers with Novel Effect.

Learn More: www.noveleffect.com

PITCH: Drain Wig

Jennifer and Gifford Briggs are the proud parents of 5 daughters and were constantly dealing with clogged drains. When dental floss accidentally got trapped in their drain, they stumbled onto what would be a simple and inexpensive solution to prevent hair clogs. The DrainWig is the only preventative product on the market that traps hair, in the drain out of sight for up to four months and you never have to touch the nasty hair. The DrainWig inserts quickly into the shower or bathtub drain and is easily removed by lifting the decorative cap and pulling the entangled hair through the drain cover; no tools required. Relax, you can finally let your hair go down and never unclog a drain again. Your drains are now protected!

Learn More: drainwig.com/

PITCH: Father Figure

Father Figure is a first-of-a-kind paternity clothing and accessories company that focuses on the needs of new dads. Father Figure's shirts and burp rags combine fashion and function to make dads and babies feel good and look good. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Father Figure is committed to social impact and has a mission to "Strengthen the loving bond among dads and their children." Father Figure was founded by a new dad, who worked in social impact for Google and co-founded a nonprofit, Global Health Corps.

Learn More: fatherfigure.co

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