S10 E02 Episode 2

10/14/18 | TV-PG | CC

Brothers from Orange County, California, introduce a product that solves the issue of pet shedding; an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, believes he has invented a better way to carry a child's car seat; an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California, presents her solution to a problem some well-endowed women face; an impressive entrepreneur from New York, New York, familiarizes the Sharks with her sophisticated version of a traditional snack.

Shed Defender
The Shed Defender is a versatile onesie for dogs that contains pet hair and dander, reduces anxiety and can replace the medical cone for dogs with hotspots, skin conditions, allergies, surgical sites and more. It can also be used to keep your dog clean while playing in the dirt, mud and snow and provides protection against UV rays as well as ticks, burrs, stickers and fleas. Made from an eco-friendly, lightweight athletic mesh fabric, the Shed Defender is safe and comfortable, vet approved and machine washable. There's a zipper underneath that runs from the chest to the tail, so it's easy to unzip for potty breaks. The Shed Defender creates a happier and healthier environment for dogs and their owners.

The LugBug® handle takes the strain, aches, and pains out of carrying awkward, heavy car seats. Its lightweight, ergonomic, and exceptionally strong design offers a range of more comfortable and safer carrying positions for caregivers. Start toting your little tyke in comfort.

Ta-Ta Towel
The Ta-Ta Towel is a halter-style lounge bra that pairs functional terrycloth with an ultra-soft breathable liner, comfortably wicking away moisture from the breasts and neck.

sanaía is a category-disrupting applesauce brand created by CEO & Founder, Keisha Smith-Jeremie. Capitalizing on trends such as the plant-based movement and the re-imagination of childhood treats for adults, the sanaía brand has the makings of a household name. Keisha was the first to recognize that there were millions of applesauce-loving adults who were being completely ignored by the sector, and so she developed sanaía specifically with those adult taste buds and consumption habits in mind. Growing up in the Bahamas, fruits have long been a savored indulgence of Keisha's. Her favorite childhood pastime was climbing the fruit trees in her backyard, stuffing her little pockets with the sun-sweetened treasures of each season. She developed sanaía with the goal of creating a snack that proves what she has long known to be true- fruits are nature's most delectable desserts.

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