S10 E01 Season 10 Premiere

10/07/18 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, introduces a smart device designed specifically to protect your packages from package thieves; an unexpected entrepreneur from Dalton, Georgia, invented a nontoxic and nonpermanent adhesive created for kids, by a kid; entrepreneurs from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Los Angeles, California, believe they have created the solution to plastic straws and want the Sharks to suck responsibly with their new product; and husband and wife entrepreneurs from Spokane, Washington, believe they have created the next evolution in camping cookware and hope to change the way people eat outdoors, on the season 10 premiere of Shark Tank.

Website: www.getboxlock.com
Blurb: BoxLock is the first smart padlock, specifically designed to protect deliveries from porch pirates and package thieves. BoxLock gives you peace of mind that your deliveries from all major carriers will be there, reliably when you expect them.

Website: www.le-glue.com
Blurb: Do you love playing with bricks and blocks but hate when your hard work falls apart before you can show it off? Meet Le-Glue, it's Created for Kids by a Kid. Chief Imagineer, 12-year-old Tripp Phillips and Adhesive Scientist, Lee Phillips have the solution to make your block building creations stick together 12 times stronger. It's the patented, non-permanent, water releasable adhesive, so you can build something new when you're ready. Le-Glue is family owned and proudly made in Dalton, Georgia. Your creation will never fall apart again…unless YOU want it to. No More Messy Break-Ups with Le-Glue.

Website: www.FinalStraw.com
Blurb: FinalStraw's mission is to reduce plastic straw use by giving people a convenient, collapsible, reusable alternative. In doing so, we hope to raise public awareness about the devastating impact of plastic pollution and encourage restaurants to stop serving single-use plastic straws.

Bear Minimum
Website: www.bearminimum.org
Blurb: Bear Minimum is the home of the Bear Bowl-the cook pot that folds flat. Because the Bear Bowl is ultra-portable and fits in your pocket, it is ideal to keep with you for emergencies and all your outdoor adventures.

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