S10 E10 Episode 10

01/13/19 | TV-PG | CC

Brothers from Utah introduce their treasure hunt game; entrepreneurs present their affordable and ethical streetwear that donates a school uniform to a child for every purchase; cousins from Dallas present their eco-friendly product that helps wipe away your bum; and entrepreneurs pitch their pet tool that makes bath time easier.

Adventure Hunt

A fun and adventurous treasure hunt to win loads of adventure gear and a free trip to Panama for you and your entire team of 2-4 people! Tackle Challenges. Solve Clues. Go on Adventures. Win Big!


Uniform +1 is an ethical clothing brand. With your purchase, we donate a school uniform to a child in Liberia who otherwise would not get to go to school.


Pristine is a family business owned by two first cousins who started a movement . . . in the bathroom . . . by creating the first innovation in over half a century for wiping the backside - toilet paper spray! Pristine toilet paper spray is sprayed directly onto toilet paper to create an instant wet wipe with high quality, natural ingredients that is actually flushable.


Aquapaw aims to reduce the time and stress involved in pet bathing through clever product design. Their first product, the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool, is a revolutionary sprayer-scrubber that puts you back in control at bath time and makes the bathing experience less intimidating for your pet.

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