S10 E11 Episode 11

01/20/19 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur introduces her lay-flat cosmetic bag; entrepreneurs from San Diego pitch their online boutique subscription shave club for women; while entrepreneurs present their functional and durable cat furniture designs. Last into the Tank is a mom who provides comfortable and stylish play dresses for mothers with young children.

Makeup Junkie Bags

Makeup Junkie Bags are lay-flat cosmetic, toiletry, and storage bags with leak-proof seams—a solution to your cosmetic storage problems!

Angel Shave Club

We created Angel Shave Club because we believe that it's time for women to take their power back by having a shave club of their own, and never overpaying for store-bought razors again! Angel Shave Club is the first boutique shave club designed and geared specifically toward women. Women will no longer be an afterthought of men's shave clubs. Our goal is to give women everywhere a luxurious shave, at a price they can afford.

Kitty Kasas

After 20 years of running an animal shelter we used every pet product out there! There was nothing made for kitties that was cleanable, stackable, modern and fun-so we made our own… and Kitty Kasas was born! Every purchase helps us re-do a shelter in the USA every month.

Sonnet James

Sonnet James designs durable, machine washable dresses for mothers who want to be playful with their kids and feel beautiful.

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