S10 E12 Episode 12

01/27/19 | TV-PG | CC

Entrepreneurs pitch their product that helps people travel with their pets; an entrepreneur introduces his collection of curated wines for a snob-free client; an entrepreneur presents his twist on a hair product to help amplify natural curls; and an entrepreneur provides a subscription service that delivers Montessori Method-approved toys to families.


ZuGoPet's safety pet products are designed for travel, convenience and style. One of ZuGoPet's products, "The Rocketeer Pack," which secures your pet safely in a car, has passed strict car crash tests with perfect scores at 2 different testing laboratories. The Rocketeer Pack provides your dog and loved ones the best protection should an accident occur.

Obvious Wines

Obvious Wines is an innovative wine company based in Venice Beach CA. We have created a collection of Sustainably-farmed, Estate-grown, and Vegan wines with unique User-friendly & Educational labels. Wines are crafted by family-owned wineries in California, France and Chile. Our wine labels display key information such as Food Pairings, Wine & Vineyard Information and Tasting Notes. Our #SnobFree approach is meant to make wine less intimidating. Because you shouldn't need a PhD to drink wine!

Twist It Up Comb

Twist It Up Comb was created to help people with ethnic hair embrace their natural twist. It is the only comb that fits in your pocket, can be cleaned, and is a one-time buy saving consumers money in the long run when compared to what's currently on the market. "Embrace Your Natural Twist" with Twist It Up Comb!

Monti Kids

85% of the brain is formed by age 3, yet preschools start later. Monti Kids empowers families at home with the leading infant toddler curriculum: Montessori. The program begins at birth with Montessori toys for children, video guidance for parents and expert support for the whole family.

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