S10 E14 Episode 14

03/03/19 | TV-PG | CC

Bake-at-home, all-natural treats; a beauty product made specifically for women with curly hair; a unique twist on yoga with help from a surprising source; a product for showering in public with privacy.

Zookies Cookies

Zookies Cookies is changing the way we treat our dogs, with all-natural bake at home treats! Simply add water and bake, we even include a dog bone cookie cutter in every jar. Zookies Cookies: 30 minutes, 36 cookies, 0 scary ingredients!


CurlMix creates clean beauty products for women with curly hair who care about ingredients. Their 4 Step Wash + Go System will give you the Wash + Go of your dreams.

GOGA Goat Yoga

YOGA & GOGA offers a unique twist on traditional Yoga...baby goats! GOGA started in Austin, TX by Rachael Phillips and fiancé Trey Kitchen as a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims and quickly became an Austin staple. Rachael and Trey noticed that thousands of their GOGA customers had never tried regular Yoga prior to attending a GOGA class and this inspired them to start a regular Yoga studio - YOGA & GOGA - using GOGA as a way to introduce beginners to the practice of Yoga in a more fun and less intimidating way.

Shower Toga

Shower toga is the simplest way to shower and change clothes in public, while maintaining a sense of privacy. Shower Togas patent pending process makes clean up a breeze and solves the problem of after sport or recreation clean up. Shower Toga is a 7-ounce wearable water-resistant garment that you change in, shower in and doubles as a bag for your dirty gear in order to maintain a clean vehicle. Once you use a Shower Toga you will truly wonder how you ever lived without one.

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