S10 E15 Episode 15

03/10/19 | TV-PG | CC

A solution to combat telemarketers and scammers; an easy-to-use 3D printer for kids to design and make their own toys; a savings and gifting online platform for kids; ethical and customizable meat box subscription delivery service.

Jolly Roger Telephone Co.

Tired of telemarketers calling your landline or mobile? Now there's a way to fight back! We provide friendly, patient robots that talk to these rude telemarketers for you. They love to chit-chat, and will often keep nasty callers engaged for several minutes. By keeping the bad guys busy, you keep them from pestering other innocent people, and you hit them where it hurts most... their wallets... because no matter how hard they try, our robots won't ever buy anything. And best of all, you get recordings of each call, so you can hear them squirm and have a good laugh!

Toybox Labs

Toybox is a 3D printer and creativity app that lets kids find and design the toys they love and print them right at home. From custom action figures to creative worlds, Toybox unleashes your kid's unbounded creativity.


Goalsetter is a goal-based FDIC-insured savings, gifting and allowance platform made just for kids and powered by those who love them. Goalsetter lets kids save in 3 big categories: saving for their future, sharing with others and spending on things or experiences that really matter to them. And Goalsetter lets the whole family get in on the savings action - family members can use birthdays and holidays to send kids GoalCards instead of giftcards so kids receive real money toward real dreams; parents can set up round-ups or auto-save to help save for big goals over time, and kids can earn money via Goalsetter Allowance to learn the power of earning to make their dreams come true. Goalsetter wraps our savings platform in a fun financial literacy quiz called "It's Lit!" that helps kids become financially literate, complements of memes and gifs from their favorite YouTube personalities and recording stars.


Moink is a farmer-owned and operated subscription box company on a mission to fix a broken food system. Moink connects tender-hearted carnivores with high quality, humanely raised and ethically sourced meats from small family farms. Boxes are fully customizable and can be filled with grass-fed and grass-finished Beef & Lamb, pastured Pork & Chicken and Wild- Caught Alaskan Salmon.

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