S10 E19 Episode 19

04/14/19 | TV-PG | CC

A socially interactive party game; a customized household product that ensures safety; a reusable bottle-emptying device; a healthy alternative to soda.


How much money would it take you to shave your head right now? To never eat any food that starts with "C" again? Or to wear wet socks for a week straight? Made from your absurd conversations, Pricetitution is a social card game where you guess how much money it would take your friends to do ridiculous things. Each round takes turns being the "Pricetitute," and learn things about your friends you weren't ready to know :)


Hydroviv is a Washington, DC based e-commerce water filter company that builds custom water filters according to the customer's water quality. Hydroviv started out in 2015 as a charitable effort in response to the Flint lead crisis, where the Founder (a Ph.D. Chemist) designed, developed, and donated thousands of high-capacity lead removal filters to families and child-focused organizations impacted by high lead levels. Hydroviv's customized water filters are now available nationwide and tackle a wide range of problems that one-size-fits all water filters do not address.

Flip-It! Cap

Bringing the world an easy, affordable solution to an everyday problem, the Flip-It!® Cap saves people time, money, and frustration trying to get those last bits out of bottles. No more pounding or shaking, just screw a Flip-It cap onto your bottle and turn it upside down. Gravity moves the remaining product to the opening where you simply squeeze out what you need through a simple push/pull valve. With more and more reports surfacing on the collapse of recycling programs, getting bottles empty before they are discarded is an important but often overlooked aspect of preventing pollution from remnant product oozing out of crushed and landfilled bottles.

Luma Soda

Luma Soda is a low-sugar soda alternative, sweetened naturally with monkfruit and honey. One can of Luma contains 25 calories and only 4 grams of sugar—that's just 1/10th of the sugar in traditional sodas! Luma is a reinvention of soda that's both wholesome and delicious.

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