S10 E20 Episode 20

04/21/19 | TV-PG | CC

A treat that combines two desserts; a modern alternative to ATMs; a clothing design that combines two trends into one; a hypoallergenic sleeping product.

Mavens Creamery

Mavens Creamery is the only all-natural macaron ice cream sandwich manufacturer in the USA! All the macarons and ice cream are made in-house with no artificial colors or flavors. 2 sisters. 1 entrepreneurial dream. In 2014, we embarked on a roller coaster journey to create the perfect macaron ice cream in our parents' garage. In 2015, Mavens Creamery made its debut at a local dessert shop in Northern California and all 400 macaron ice cream sandwiches sold out in 4 hours! Fast forward to the present, we have our own factory and distribution center in San Jose, CA, serving nearly 300 independent retailers and grocery chains.


"SPARE is a virtual ATM network for the unbanked/underbanked. Designed and patented to reduce the cost of access to cash and eventually eliminate the need for those bulky ATMs. SPARE is a cheaper, more secure and convenient alternative to using an ATM machine. SPARE also supports local small businesses by increasing foot-traffic through in-app marketing and providing additional sales for network partners."


Swoveralls are made by The Great Fantastic - an apparel brand whose mission is to create the world's comfiest products using sustainable practices and resources. Their hero product, Swoveralls, combine sweatpants and overalls in to one glorious masterpiece. Swoveralls are quite simply the comfiest thing you never knew you needed.


You'll spend a third of your life sleeping, so make sure you do it right! SomniFix Strips help you naturally optimize breathing patterns, which can reduce or eliminate snores, stop mouth breathing, and improve CPAP compliance.

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