S10 E21 Episode 21

43:03 | 04/28/19 | TV-PG | CC

A high-tech product to discover hidden secrets about one's cat; a fashion accessory that helps men look refined; all-electric water sports equipment; a delicious, multipurpose dip; four high school students chat with their favorite shark.


Basepaws is the world's first at-home cat DNA test. We provide genetic testing services for cat owners so they can learn more about their cat's breed, traits and ultimately health and habits. DNA testing is the best way to know your cat better!

Best Pocket Square Holder by Best Wardrobe Solutions

Best Wardrobe Solutions is a fashion technology company who provides men with a family of innovative fashion accessories, wardrobe resources and free mobile app to help them look and feel their BEST! What makes our company unique? With the invention of our patent-pending product, the Best Pocket Square Holder, it is arguably the best men's furnishing of the 21st century. The product solves a 100-year-old problem of falling and shifting pocket squares that won't stay secure in a man's suit jacket pocket. This product has attracted the attention of celebrities, professional athletes and fashion-conscious men all over the globe.

Kymera Body Boards

Kymera is a world leader in ultra-compact electric marine vehicles. Following the success of our award-winning flagship electric jet body board, Kymera is expanding with the launch of its electric lightweight personal watercraft, kayak, and surfboard. Kymera is dedicated to providing the smallest, lightest, and least expensive way to have fun on the water.

The Bang Shack

Straight out of Tampa Bay: The Bang Shack's World Famous Bang Dip! Break that bang out and you will turn any party around. Made with love and some pretty nifty ingredients everyone loves Jay's Bang Dip. Give it a try and your taste buds will be blown away!

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