S10 E05 Episode 5

11/18/18 | TV-PG | CC

Sisters introduce a way to protect women's handbags with their waterproof cover design; an entrepreneur presents his automated travel service that uses your reward points to help plan your next vacation at a fraction of the cost; an inventor pitches his one-handed pull broom and dustpan to clean easily and effortlessly; and an entrepreneur shows the Sharks an affordable way to make a healthy beverage.

The Handbag Raincoat
Weathering the storm is now easier than ever with The Handbag Raincoat. The Handbag Raincoat is a chic and innovative way to protect your handbag from mother nature's elements. It comes in three different sizes so we've got you covered no matter how much you like to tote around. Now you never have to worry about getting stuck in the rain again, instead own the rain with The Handbag Raincoat!

RewardStock helps travelers earn, track, and book trips with reward points like frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards and hotel points. Don't have any points? RewardStock creates customized plans to help you get the points you need quickly, saving money on travel and empowering you to experience more.

The WISP is the complete reinvention of the broom and dustpan. Our flagship product is the patented 3 piece WISPsystem featuring a light weight one-handed broom with a telescoping handle and a foot controlled dustpan that provides effortless cleaning without stooping or bending. The short dense bristles are 90* to the floor creating a squeegee like seal capturing debris and pet hair like none other. All designed to make your life a little easier.

The Kombucha Shop
The Kombucha Shop sells kits and supplies to help people brew incredible kombucha at home. This popular probiotic beverage is expensive in stores and can be intimidating to make on one's own. The Kombucha Shop provides skills and tools to make brewing kombucha easy, affordable and fun, so that the health benefits of kombucha can be enjoyed by all.

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