S10 E06 Episode 6

11/25/18 | TV-PG | CC

A husband and wife from Williamston, Michigan, pitch their dissolvable protein pack product; an entrepreneur from Temecula, California, presents his dual-purpose strap to keep valuables safe and secure; cousins from El Segundo, California, believe they have the solution to keeping a beer bottle cold; and entrepreneurs from Anaheim, California, present their healthy alternative to sweets that capitalizes on the ketogenic diet trend.

Vade Nutrition
VADE Nutrition is the most convenient, mess free way to take protein powder and nutritional supplements, with our Dissolvable Protein Scoops! Our innovative scoop technology packs one perfectly measured scoop of our 100% whey isolate protein into a completely dissolvable, food grade film. Just toss, shake and enjoy! Until now, the only way to enjoy a protein shake on the go was to carry around a huge tub, measure out the protein and hope you don't spill any in the process! Our Dissolvable Protein Scoops are the ideal choice for your active lifestyle. Try them at the gym, when your traveling, or in your everyday routine. Built to go wherever life takes you!

Lockstraps has taken what we know as a "Tie Down Strap" and added extra elements to detour theft. The Lockstraps company added heavy duty combination locking carabiners on both sides of the strap and added a stainless-steel cable inside the full length of the strap. Lockstraps are perfect for tools, bicycles, motor-sports, trucking, boating, aviation, landscaping, and so much more.

BottleKeeper is a 2-piece stainless steel bottle that is insulated to keep your enclosed beer bottle colder, longer, and protected from gravity induced explosions. Founded in 2013 by cousins Adam Callinan and Matt Campbell, BottleKeeper has taken innovative drinkware market by storm, selling more than 3 products per minute at BottleKeeper.com.

Nui helps people say No to sugar with delicious ultra-low sugar, low carb, and keto friendly cookies that satisfy your sweet tooth. Our nutritious cookies are made from almonds, are gluten-free, and have no artificial sweeteners. Conquer your sugar cravings with a Nui cookie!

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