S10 E07 Episode 7

12/02/18 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Southlake, Texas, presents his large database of Santa entertainers to help people hire Santa Claus during the holidays; entrepreneurs from Lafayette, Louisiana, solve the hassle of carrying skis on the slopes; entrepreneurs from Minneapolis, Minnesota, introduce their new twist on gift-giving; and an entrepreneur from New York City puts a modern twist on a build-your-own oatmeal bar.

Hire Santa
Hire Santa is the best place to find and hire Santa Claus. We place professional Santa Claus entertainers throughout the US. We help families, companies and communities connect with the memories of a time when Christmas was magical and remember what it should be. Clients include Bass Pro Shops, Ritz-Carlton, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Nebraska Furniture Mart and many, many families. Offering in person visits with Santa and personalized videos, Hire Santa is the only place to interact with Santa Claus.

NEVER CARRY YOUR SKIS AGAIN! We at Ski Junk have created a patented ski tote that allows SKIERS OF ALL AGES to never carry your skis again! It's one size fits all and comes in four dynamic colors. It simply attaches to the front of your skis and it FITS IN YOUR POCKET!

Prank-O was conceived by Nordby & Walther who have a flair for comedy, entrepreneurial spirit, grit and creativity. Walther, a former partner in the ONION, met Nordby, a creative genius, due to the success of Nordby's prank gift boxes which were flying out of the ONION's store. Prank Packs by Prank-O are empty gift boxes which depict preposterous, humorous fake products. Unlike cheap, boring gift bags, Prank Packs deliver a new and hilarious gifting experience. Simply place your real gift inside, wrap and revel as your giftee feigns awkward enthusiasm. With dozens and dozens of boxes to choose from, customers can pick the perfect Prank Pack for every person on their gift list.

OatMeals is the world's first all-oatmeal cafe, putting modern twists on an old-fashioned favorite! Founded in 2012 by Chef Samantha Stephens in Greenwich Village, NYC, "Sam" has introduced the world to her mind-blowing signature oatmeal bowls including savory oatmeal as lunch and dinner, not just for breakfast! She is looking to spread her oatmeal love with more cafes and products across the nation.

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