S6 E25 Week 24: NeatCheeks, Melni Connectors, Beneath the Ink, PittMoss

04/17/15 | TV-PG | CC

A sustainable soil replacement for peat moss; sweet-flavored wipes for cleaning kids' faces.


PITCH: NeatCheeks

About the Company: NeatCheeks leave a SMILE on kids’ faces! They solve the age-old problem of face wipe avoidance. Kids enjoy clean-up because the sweet stevia flavor in NeatCheeks is FUN! They are all natural, soft and gentle; safe for sensitive skin. Most importantly, the wipes leave a sweet flavor on their lips which make kids HAPPY! The natural stevia doubles as a flavor and moisturizer, perfect for the happiest face wipe in the world.


  • Are the only flavored face wipe in the world, sweetened with natural stevia.
  • Leave NO harmful, sticky or icky tasting residue behind.
  • Are alcohol, fragrance and GMO free.

Learn More: Visit neatcheeks.com

PITCH: Melni Connectors

About the Company: Melni Connector products are changing the standards in electrical connection technology. Our patented devices are revolutionizing the electrical industry by offering a faster, safer, ergonomically correct and cost-effective way to transfer power. These innovative alternatives were designed to allow for quick and reliable connectivity without the need for specialized tools or timely processes.

Learn More: Visit melniconnectors.com

PITCH: Beneath the Ink

About the Company: Beneath the Ink provides a cost-effective, compelling, and exciting way to add a 3rd dimension of content to digital text. Through our cloud-based authoring platform, content owners add additional information directly into any word or phrase in any document: from traditional eBooks to corporate, educational, and technical documentation. This elegant and unobtrusive reading experience allows users to explore the world Beneath the Ink without ever having to leave the page.

Learn More: Visit beneaththeink.com

PITCH: PittMoss

About the Company: PittMoss LLC is the exclusive provider of PittMoss® -- a peat moss alternative made from recycled paper and a secret mix of organic additives. It offers multiple advantages over peat moss by eliminating the need for chemical additives and controls for pH imbalances, insects, molds and weed seeds. Exploitation of the planet's rare peatlands is releasing one billion tons of CO2 in to the atmosphere annually or 6-8% of total carbon pollution totals. While only 3% of the Earth's land surface, peatlands hold 30-33% of all soil carbons, far more than any other habitat on the planet.

Learn More: Visit pittmoss.com

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