S7 E02 Episode 2

10/02/15 | TV-PG | CC

A recent college graduate from Orlando, FLA takes the Sharks’ taste buds on a "joy ride to flavor town" with his twist on the traditional hummus; a passionate aesthetician from Los Angeles wants to convince the sharks they are just one wink away from investing in her eyelash extensions business; two friends from New York believe their edible cups are a delicious alternative to the disposable version while helping the environment; and two brothers from Paradise Valley, AZ donned tuxedos to show the Sharks how formally serious they are when it comes to pitching their solution to the dreaded, forgotten computer password.


PITCH: O'Dang Hummus

About the Company: O'Dang Hummus is the Rebels of the Hummus industry. We refuse to make the traditional flavors, instead we offer crazy ones like Bomb-a-licious Buffalo Wing, Dillionaire Dill Pickle, or Sweet and Spicy Black Bean. O'Dang brings fun and excitement to the health food world, but we didn't stop with just hummus as we also made Hummus dressings and sauces. We realized that condiments could use a change as well, so our dressings are completely Oil Free, Dairy Free, No Preservatives or High fructose corn syrup. We launch 4 flavors: Ranch, On Ranch, On Ranch! Hummy Mustard, Bomb-a-licious BuffaloWing Sauce, and Caesar the Day. Best part is, all are less than 40 Calories per serving. Prepare your taste buds for a joy ride to flavor town!

Learn More: Visit www.odanghummus.com


PITCH: Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions

About the Company: Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions is the gold standard of the eyelash extensions industry. A certified Mikki Bey artist will apply single strands of lightweight eyelash extensions one lash at a time. The results are so natural you will swear you were born with them! Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions look and feel real and are the perfect complement to any look.

Learn More: Visit www.mblashes.com



About the Company: LOLIWARE is the the world's first edible cup that can be eaten or composted into soil. The cups come in a range of delicious flavors that complement cocktails, desserts, and beverages. LOLIWARE cups are used to replace disposable plastic cups at concerts, outdoor festivals, weddings, events, and celebrations of all kinds. 

Learn More: Visit www.LOLIWARE.com


PITCH: Splikity

About the Company: Never remember passwords again and stay safe from hackers! Splikity is revolutionary software that’s available on all of your devices to keep you safe and secure online and eliminates the problems and frustrations that passwords cause. With Splikity, you will never have to deal with passwords again and you will be safe from hackers. Splikity is the simple and secure password solution for everyone! 

Learn More: Visit splikity.com

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