S7 E10 Episode 10

12/04/15 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Mill Valley, CA uses an unique labor force to create her product; the Sharks go on a crazy ride when a college student from San Diego, CA brings a grown-up version of a favorite childhood toy; and beauty industry experts from New York City bring innovations from the secret epicenter of beauty. Also, an update on Happy Feet, the whimsical plush slippers designed by Pat Yates from Goshen, KY, that Robert Herjavec invested in during Season 5.


PITCH: Leaux Racing Trikes

About the Company: The Leaux Racing Trike is new spin (pun intended) on an old favorite. With three wheels and a reclined seat, it's the classic tricycle platform, but the rear caster wheels and steering handle make it anything but ordinary. With just a flick of the handle the rider can take tight corners, drift, and even spin 360 degrees!

Leaux Trikes started out as a crowdfunding project when Tyler Hadzicki was just 17 years old. After raising almost $50,000 to produce the first units, it became a full fledged business. Leaux Trikes is on Sharktank with the hopes of bringing the trikes to a wide audience and raising capital to produce more inventory.

Learn More: Visit www.leauxracingtrikes.com


PITCH: Glow Recipe 

About the Company: Glow Recipe is a platform to help women all over the world to look more beautiful by identifying, curating, and bringing to market best-of-breed products and skincare secrets from Korea, the modern epicenter of beauty innovation. We have our e-commerce, www.glowrecipe.com, where we curate the best of natural Korean beauty, and we also have a brand incubator vertical and work as a US hub for new brands to launch and grow at major retailers in the US.

Learn More: Visit www.glowrecipe.com


PITCH: Sarah Oliver Handbags

About the Company: Sarah Oliver Handbags offers elegant, designer purses, clutches and shoulder bags with a twist: every exquisite bag is made by The Purlettes, our unique knitting team comprised of talented seniors. Fabulous finish work and our meaningful story make every bag a favorite.

Learn More: Visit www.saraholiverhandbags.com


PITCH: Trunkster

About the Company: Trunkster is unconventional luggage for the modern, discerning traveler, featuring a revolutionary sliding door for zipper-less entry and uninhibited access. Additionally, Trunkster boasts USB charging, a built-in digital scale, and worldwide location tracking. Conceived by Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet, these two world travelers set out to reinvigorate the stagnant luggage industry by introducing the first major update to the core design of luggage since wheels were added over half a century ago.

Learn More: Visit www.trunkster.co

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