S7 E27 Episode 27

05/06/16 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Honolulu, Hawaii, cuts her own hair in front of the Sharks to demonstrate her products; an award-winning, self-taught baker from Rochester, New York, hopes to sweeten the deal with her healthy ready-to-eat frosting; and three business partners from San Diego, California, are determined to convince the Sharks to hop on board with their wheelless skateboards.

PITCH: Dollop Gourmet

Dollop Gourmet is the first healthier and tastier answer to one of the scariest processed foods on the planet: Frosting! With its organic vegan and gluten-free ingredients, and lower sugar count, Dollop Gourmet frosting spread is not only better for you, but it tastes incredible. Not just a frosting though, Dollop Gourmet doubles as a delicious sweet spreadable delight that inspires food adventurists to break the rules and explore how fun healthier eating can be.

Learn More: www.dollopgourmet.com 


PITCH: The Spooner

Three surfers stumbled across a fun toy balance board and called it The Spooner. We got a patent and have been riding the wave of building, marketing, and selling ever since. With sales of over half a million boards and counting we have the plan to not just build and sell our company, but build a quality brand and keep it for the long run.

Learn More: www.spoonerboards.com


PITCH: CreaProducts

CreaProducts is a brand of beauty products for DIY home haircutting, nails and makeup! Our products empower the consumer to get professional results saving you time and money. Mai Lieu is an Inventor, bestselling author and inspirational speaker she is passionate about empowering and inspiring through her creative products.

Learn More: www.creaproducts.com


PITCH: Yourself Expression

Yourself Expression is an interchangeable accessory company created by siblings Shelby (16) and Gordy Gogulski (11). What started as a fun hobby has grown into a company that offers beautiful jewelry and accessories for the entire family at an affordable price and allows our customers to be the designer of what they wear. Yourself Expression is growing into the souvenir industry to make this trendy concept a tradition for families to keep for years to come. Women, Men, Kids and even the family pet can Create, Wear and Change with our collections.

Learn More: http://www.yourselfexpression.com/


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