S8 E10 Episode 10

12/02/16 | TV-PG | CC

When an entrepreneurial team from Santa Cruz, California, leaves the Tank to discuss an offer for their electric skateboard business, they get a surprise from the Sharks upon their return; an MIT grad from San Francisco, California,makes human-quality pet food delivered fresh to your door; a duo from San Francisco, California, has a new generation of chewable coffee products made to optimize physical and mental function.

PITCH: Inboard Technology

Inboard Technology is a Santa Cruz, California based company focused on manufacturing high-performance, lightweight transportation solutions. Our first product, the M1™ Electric Skateboard, is revolutionizing the market with our in-wheel motor technology, swappable batteries and built-in front and rear LED lights.  We believe in challenging the status quo, and incorporating our expertise in professional action sports into our products. Inboard provides an unparalleled, state-of-the-art experience to our riders.

Learn More: www.inboardtechnology.com  

PITCH: Nomiku

Nomiku is the first wifi home sous vide immersion circulator beloved by top chefs and homecooks.

Learn More: www.Nomiku.com 

PITCH: Nootrobox

Nootrobox is a nootropics and biohacking startup based in San Francisco. The startup makes supplements and software for cognitive and human enhancement and organizes a grassroots community to help members be the best version of themselves. One of their flagship products is GO CUBES Chewable Coffee.

Learn More:  www.nootrobox.com

PITCH: Pet Plate

PetPlate is a pet food subscription service delivering freshly cooked, real food to pet parents' doors. All of PetPlate's meals are formulated by Cornell Veterinarians to help improve the health and well-being of pets across America, and has helped many pets fight ailments such as allergies, diabetes, and digestives issues. PetPlate works like your other favorite meal delivery services – you create an account, pick your pet's meals, and watch them go crazy when you get your delivery. Once your pet try PetPlate, they'll never go back!

Learn More: www.petplate.com

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