S8 E18 Episode 18

02/24/17 | TV-PG | CC

In a special episode featuring millennial entrepreneurs, one makes the deal that takes Shark Tank across the $100 million threshold of deals made in the Tank.

PITCH: Sand Cloud

The three of us, from San Diego, CA love the beach and everything about it. This led us to create a stylish and better option to the standard beach towel. When you purchase Sand Cloud products, you help to preserve and protect beaches, oceans, and Marine Life. 10% of our net profits are donated to organizations that share our mission. 

Learn More: www.sandcloudtowels.com

PITCH: Ora Organic

Ora Organic makes supplements from real food. We bring you organic, plant-based nutrition in an industry that is dominated by cheap, synthetic chemicals. Our award-winning products come from superfood plants you already know and love and are chef-designed to taste as delicious as they are nutritious. Sustainable, responsibly-sourced and transparent, our protein powder, probiotics and omega-3 supplements take their cues from Mother Nature - Mama knows best!

Learn More: www.ora.organic


DARTdrones is America's leader in drone training, consultations, and certifications for corporations, government agencies, and recreational drone pilots.

Learn More: www.dartdrones.com

PITCH: The Elephant Pants

In 2014, two friends found themselves looking up at an elephant and something clicked. They understood why elephants had been revered for thousands of years and why so many people traveled far and wide to see them. Determined to put an end to the exploitation of elephants around the world, the pair hatched a plan to help save them: Pants, but not just any pants, the most comfortable pants that anybody had ever worn.

Learn More: www.theelephantpants.com

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