S9 E07 Episode 7

10/29/17 | TV-PG | CC

An entrepreneur from Santa Monica, California, introduces the world's first all-electric, free car-sharing service; a monthly membership that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book and attend family activities at an affordable rate, from an entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois; a Cambridge, Massachusetts, entrepreneur invented a product that can turn any regular bicycle into an electric bike in under one minute; and a digital baby journal that captures memories through text message, from an entrepreneur in Auburndale, Massachusetts

PITCH: Pearachute

Pearachute is a family activity club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover the best classes and events in your city!

Learn More: www.pearachutekids.com

PITCH: Qeepsake

Qeepsake, the text message baby journal, is the easiest way for parents to capture and preserve memories about their children. Created by parents of five, Qeepsake is already being used by over 100,000 parents to create heirlooms of memories, one text message at a time.

Learn More: http://www.qeepsake.co

PITCH: GeoOrbital

The GeoOrbital wheel converts any bicycle into a pedaling-optional electric bike by simply replacing the front wheel. Installation takes under a minute and the built-in throttle works like a gas pedal - the harder you press the faster you go. Made with a flat-proof tire and a powerful 500W+ motor the GeoOrbital wheel can get you up that hill and around the block without any sweat or even needing to pedal.

Learn More: www.geoo.com

PITCH: WaiveCar

WaiveCar is the worlds first all electric and FREE car-sharing service.

Learn More: http://waive.car

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