S9 E10 Episode 10

11/12/17 | TV-PG | CC

A U.S. Air Force fighter-jet machine-gun mechanic from Columbus, Ohio, introduces a high-performance problem-solver; an entrepreneur from Queens, New York, hopes the Sharks bite into a DNA test that aims to aid and optimize medical research; a Dallas, Texas, entrepreneur duo hopes to lure the Sharks with their high-tech solution for a common household chore; robots and drones are all the rage with boys, but one Bethesda, Maryland, entrepreneur is hoping to encourage more girls to get into coding and technology.

PITCH: Robin Auto Pilot

Robin Autopilot is the worldís first robotic lawn service. Through our system of franchise owners, we combine proven robotic mowers with professional lawn care crews that handle additional services like edging, weeding and trimming to deliver the most eco-friendly, reliable, and affordable lawn care solution available.

Learn More: www.robinautopilot.com

PITCH: Smartgurlz

SmartGurlz is a brand new line of friendly coding robots and action dolls that engages girls ages 6 and up in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Learn More: www.smartgurlz.com

PITCH: DNAsimple

DNAsimple is the online matchmaker that pays you to participate in research studies that you qualify for, all while remaining anonymous. With DNAsimple, researchers are no longer limited to getting samples from one specific location and donors across the country can participate in studies to help scientists find cures to diseases from the comfort of their home. DNAsimple is also helping to bring genetic testing to the masses by offering low cost ancestry and genetic testing to families.

Learn More: www.DNAsimple.org

PITCH: Grypmat

"Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor. I remember someone called me an inventor and I said that I haven't sold the product yet. They said you're still an inventor, just not a successful one. I've envisioned myself being on this show for years now. Making it on this show makes me feel like a successful inventor." stated Tom Burden Grypmat Inventor and President.

"Often times when I think I can't, I think of the ones who can and I realize they are no different from me."

Learn More: www.grypmat.com

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