S9 E12 Episode 12

11/26/17 | TV-PG | CC

In this episode, an entrepreneur with a "hate connection" app hopes to match with the Sharks; coconut water is all the rage, and one entrepreneur looks to bank on that with their new invention; one entrepreneur is hoping to help you reduce chronic disease by doing your own lab work; and an entrepreneur duo may have just found your favorite breakfast on the go.

PITCH: Coco Taps

Coco Taps is a made in the USA Coconut company that allows you to drink right from the coconut by turning nature's packaging into a resealable container. Now being Called the "Tesla" of coconut water Coco Taps has created a Zero Waste Beverage system. Created by Eco inventor CocoVinny and his Coco Dream Team, Coco Taps is encouraging people to Drink Different by Tapping into the source and eliminating single use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and landfills.

Learn More: cocotaps.com


Ashley and Kat are the creators of MUSH, the first ever, all natural, 100% ready to eat overnight oats product. After spending time in finance, the duo became frustrated with the lack of fresh-snacking options for on-the-go lifestyles and made it their mission to bridge the gap between health and convenience. By creating MUSH, these dynamic entrepreneurs are shaking up the food industry with a product that doesn't cut corners and is accessible to everyone. Ashley and Kat envision a marketplace free from added sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and inconvenient prep methods. MUSH might just be the ticket.

Learn More: eatmush.com

PITCH: Hater

Hater is the dating app that matches you with people based on what you hate. Make new friends who hate the same stuff as you. Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Learn More: haterdater.com

PITCH: Everlywell

EverlyWell believes easy-to-understand lab tests should be available at home with a single click. Founded in 2015, EverlyWell offers a suite of physician-reviewed at-home lab tests without a lab visit or an in-person doctor referral. The EverlyWell platform empowers consumers to purchase and understand their own physician-reviewed lab tests with the goal of improving health and wellness. Today, the company offers more than 15 tests kits that range from Vitamin D to Fertility testing, and are covered by HSA and FSA plans.

Learn More: everlywell.com

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