S9 E18 Episode 18

01/21/18 | TV-PG | CC

A young entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio introduces the Sharks to a dynamic pricing tool aimed at Millennials; two entrepreneurs from Park City, Utah and Alexandria, Virginia, introduce their revolutionary cleaning tool; and a brother and sister-in-law pair from Medford, Oregon, share their original wine product that makes drinking even more fun.

PITCH: Rounderbum

Rounderbum® is the leader in men's shapewear by introducing the most innovative technology in men's undergarments, from patented designed padding to seamless and fusing manufacturing. Rounderbum created a line for men who want to look more attractive, athletic and confident.

Learn More: rounderbum.com

PITCH: Brush Hero

As car geeks who are also cyclists, we were looking for a cool wheel brush that cleans both cars and bikes gently, without displacing grease. In Brush Hero, we created so much more. Using only water pressure from a garden hose, sink or shower, it works on bikes, cars, grills, patios, garden tools, planters, pots…even pets! Join us to fight the war on muck!

Learn More: www.brushhero.com


Savy gives consumers a voice as they shop online while also helping ecommerce companies better price their products. #staysavy and discover your style at your price!

Learn More: https://staysavy.com/

PITCH: Guzzle Buddy

Guzzle Buddy was created by a brother and sister-in-law from Oregon that share a love for sitcoms and wine. One day while watching an old sitcom, they saw a glass attached to a bottle. After an intensive search they found that it wasn't available anywhere, so they did the next best thing... they made it! The Guzzle Buddy has been featured on numerous talk shows, and is a favorite topic of blogs and videos across the internet, some compelling millions of views.

Learn More: www.guzzlebuddy.com/

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