S9 E21 Episode 21

01/28/18 | TV-PG | CC

Dog-loving entrepreneurs present their healthy, hydrating treat for thirsty dogs; two outdoorsmen design a portable outdoor fire that is healthy and easy to use; cousins from Vermont turn their passion for the maple industry into a business; entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, share their healthy grab-and-go meal concept.

PITCH: Petrol

Petrol Fuel for Dogs is a delicious, flavorful and refreshing vitamin water for dogs. It contains 100% natural flavorings plus six added vitamins and minerals that are good for dogs' overall health. There are only 8 calories per 12-ounce bottle. And, Dogs love it so much they lap this up 4:1 over regular water. This next generation of dog treat hydrates and fortifies with vitamins and nutrients.

Learn More: www.petrolfordogs.com


Sap! makes a line of plant-based superfood sparkling beverages from 100% pure maple and birch sap direct from the trees of Vermont. The products naturally contain antioxidants, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and other trace nutrients that deliver both health and refreshment. Sap! is committed to supporting Vermont's forest economy while providing healthier, natural, great tasting beverages for the whole family. Sap products can be found in a growing number of retail outlets throughout the Northeast and nationally on Amazon.com. Sap! was recently named by Whole Foods to their Top Ten Trends List of 2018.

Learn More: www.sapvt.com

PITCH: Everytable

Everytable is reimagining fast food with fresh, healthy meals everyone can afford. Through their revolutionary model, every meal purchased helps Everytable open locations in underserved communities of LA, where meals are sold at discounted prices.

Learn More: www.everytable.com

PITCH: Radiate

Our team at Radiate Outdoor Supply LLC has worked tirelessly to bring you the perfect portable outdoor campfire - Radiateā„¢ Portable Campfire. Its sleek and portable design is made from recycled materials and provides 3-5 hours of burn time. With the Radiateā„¢ Portable Campfire your outdoor campfire experiences will be first-class.

Learn More: www.radiateportablecampfire.com

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