Season 1, Episode 11

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
We are the premier provider of custom made bobble head dolls made to resemble the photos you supply to us. No minimum order requirements, bulk orders welcome —serving the world since 2004. 

Tired of tangled headphones? Mr. Poncho solves this annoying problem with an innovative mechanism that winds your headphones up to stay tangle free and tidy while also providing a fun and protective sleeve for your mp3 player or smartphone. With many designs to choose from there's a Mr. Poncho for everyone! 

The Uroclub is a portable urinal cleverly camouflaged as a golf club. Your on the golf course, no bathrooms in sight and you really have to go! Use the Uroclub, it's the only club in your bag guaranteed to keep you out of the woods! 

JumpForward provides proactive recruiting and compliance software solutions to the sports industry via the web and mobile applications on the Blackberry and iPhone. JumpForward provides athletes, parents, coaches and administrators the freedom to manage all their communications (voice, video, text) from their mobile device; proactively preventing compliance violations and increasing efficiencies at the same time. JumpForward also educates high-school athletes and parents to help them navigate the recruiting process, ensure eligibility and search for over 55,000 college coaches..