Season 1, Episode 13

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
The Factionist is an ethical apparel company that lets you wear what you believe in. Selling organic cotton t-shirts made under fair labor conditions, The Factionist produces designs with a positive environmental and social message. 

PODillow is a portable pillow with an opening for your face or head to rest. It includes 2 hidden pockets to store personal items like Mp3 players, cell phones, keys or wallet. It's perfect for tanning, massage, or just relaxing. PODillow allows you to lie on your stomach or your back in complete comfort. The unique design of PODillow eliminates the pain in the neck that most people get while trying to lie on their stomach. The idea is similar to a massage table, but is portable colorful and comes with its own drawstring backpack. PODillow was specifically designed with the popularity of personal gadgets in mind. PODillow's easy access pockets allow you to safely store personal items, preventing them from being lost, stolen, or damaged. You can totally relax, even fall asleep, knowing your valuables are safely stored directly beneath you. Take PODillow on vacation, to the beach, pool, or spa for an enhanced personalized experience. 

Wee Can Shop, where children shop for the ones they love! Adorable store for one and all...with unique gifts for big and small! At Wee Can Shop children love to use pint-size shopping carts in search of the perfect gift as they stroll through charming store fronts such as Mom's Kitchen and Pop's Garage! Kids can't wait to pay the cashier and gift-bag and tag their gifts! Wee Can Shop teaches children to think of others at gift-giving time, making educational and creative memories to last a lifetime! Wee Can Shop also offers the most delightful Shopping Birthday Parties for children of all ages! Our whimsical store is located in Hawthorne, NJ but everyone can enjoy our great gifts for the entire family and original shopping experience at www.WeeCanShop.com 

Grease Monkey Wipes was created by frustrated cyclists who wanted an easy, portable way to clean up after getting greasy from changing a flat tire. We are committed to helping everyone, from cyclists to mechanics to motorcyclists to moms, steer clear of grease and grime. Grease Monkey Wipes are the perfect solution for anyone who finds themselves in need of a heavy duty cleaning wipe that can be taken anywhere.