Season 1, Episode 14

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
LipStix ReMix™ is a patent-pending system containing everything you need to Re-Color your lipstick, Recover lipstick in the bottom of the tube and Repair a broken or melted lipstick. Do you have an increasing supply of practically new lipstick in a drawer because they are not the right color? Do you ever notice all of the lipstick left in the end of the tube and wish there was a convenient way to use it? Have you ever needed to repair a broken or melted lipstick? Just Mix, Melt, and Mold—Easy as 1, 2, 3. Finally, an easy way to mix your lipstick and create a professionally shaped lipstick in just minutes. 

Captain Ice Cream is a franchise of 3-wheeled, moped-powered, novelty ice cream vending trucks. Captain Ice Cream-branded novelty ice cream treats will also be available for sale in the near future. "Hey, Kids! Spread the fun and wear a genuine Captain Ice Cream T-Shirt or Button! Heck, get 'em both!," says Captain Ice Cream. 

Legal Grind's mission is to provide affordable, expert legal services in innovative ways to middle-income Americans and small businesses. Our Legal Grind® cafes provide a comfortable, accessible environment where clients can have "Coffee & Counsel®" with an attorney able to assist them on legal matters. LegalGrind.com provides access to our network of lawyers who provide traditional full service and innovative "a la carte" legal services in most areas of law, including consumer, family, estate planning, probate, bankruptcy, immigration, and small business law such as patent, trademark, copyright, contracts and more. 

Caffeindicator™ (caffeine-d-kator), the first litmus-like tester to be incorporated on a sweetener packet indicating the absence or presence of caffeine, which will soon allow consumers to verify whether their coffee or tea is decaffeinated or caffeinated through the use of a sweetener packet. Owned by Tabletop Vericator™ (Vericator™ - verifying indicators), a subsidiary of Verification Technology Systems, LLC, Caffeindicator marries nano technology and a "sweet" marketing angle to a strong strategic partner (Pink, Yellow, Blue & Green). Caffeindicator™ provides a solution and Verification Technology Systems is on the job using nano technology to test in other areas of concern such as Predation Vericators (date rape), Therapeutic Vericators (organ rejection), Assurance Vericators (food allergies) and Compliance Vericators (ADHD levels).