Season 1, Episode 15

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Fridgefronts are magnetic skins that cover your appliances. You can affordably change the look for any season, holiday, or personalize your fridge with your own artwork or photo! Great on refrigerators and other appliances. All for under $100. 

Never forget your contact case, breath freshener, lip balm or pills again! This convenient line of Clip'n'Go products grew out of pure necessity. They're always at your fingertips, great for anyone on the go. Check out the new Sports Lenz edition contact cases! 

THINgloss® is a new way to look lean and beautiful. It's the next big thing, and your new best friend. This one-of-a-kind lip gloss works through the sense of smell and taste to curb cravings. Key Ingredients such as HOODIA (a cactus-like plant from South Africa) combined with a secret blend of essential aromas target the part of the brain that tells you when you are full. For fast results… Inhale the aroma 3 times before meals. All-natural. Non-sticky. Patent Pending. THINgloss® won "Best Innovation of the Year" and has been seen on TV/Radio/Magazines. 

LIGHTFILM™ introduces POWERDECAL™ an innovative LED backlit logo for your vehicle window. Device turns on automatically while driving at night via sensor technology and shuts off after 2 minutes when parked; once installed you never touch it. POWERDECAL™ offers a clean exterior while maximizing visual impact with full color and contrast at night. POWERDECAL™ brightness works great in dark factory tinted windows. Easy installation with quality 3M adhesion material, just peel and stick, no tools required. All MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTS and COLLEGE logos are available at: