Season 2, Episode 3

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
What started with a mom and a table saw has grown into an internationally known modern kids' furniture company called Mod Mom Furniture. Kiersten Hathcock has been designing and building eco-friendly, heirloom quality, modern kids' storage for families, celebrities and interior designers who want stylish toy boxes that look good in any room of the house. Find out more about the product line, a recent partnership with an Amish furniture manufacturer in Ohio, and new furniture designs on the horizon at: 

Fitness Stride is a comfortable "hands free" resistance training product that is a new concept, unlike any other because you wear it. Fitness Stride goes where you go, follows your body movement so you don't have to set aside time to get in shape. With Fitness Stride you can, RUN, WALK, work your Abs or Sit at your desk (not moving) but get an extra calorie burn without changing your routine. Therefore, Fitness Stride can solve the out of shape, overweight issue. All you have to do is Just Wear It. 

Flipoutz are interactive funwear that's fun to wear, even cooler to share and track in the online community at www.flipoutz.com. Check out the hot new armbands you can wear and personalize with Flipoutz coins. Wear, trade and track the coins in the virtual world where you create your own profile page, chat with friends, and follow your coins as they travel the globe! 

PureAyre® is the world's first "food-grade" natural odor eliminator. Strong enough to instantly eliminate (not mask or cover) the odor from cat urine and even skunk. Safe enough to spray directly on people and animals and even around babies, allergies, asthma and sensitivities. Stronger odor eliminating results than the leading chemical brands as recently proven to be the product of choice in a blind, side-by-side consumer smell test (see website for video) and safe for people pets and the planet…guaranteed!