Season 2, Episode 5

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Hot Mama Gowns are 100% Organic cotton hospital maternity gowns. Designed for style, comfort and function, they allow every Mom to feel celebrated! Also designed for breastfeeding; they allow Mom to nurse her baby easily and discreetly. Hot Mama Gowns are sized (XS-XXL) so Mom will be able to wear her gown before, during, AND after delivery. Hot Mama Gowns can continue to be worn as breastfeeding pajamas for months to come. 

Golf's underground! 6 pack cooler for your golf bag. Requires No Ice! Guaranteed to stay cold for 18 holes! Caddyswag, Golf's best kept secret! Helping the everyday golfer save hundreds of dollars every year on the golf course and having a good time doing it! Golf's underground, music, gambling with some friends, warm weather and a cold beverage all on the golf course! Caddyswag specializes in having a good time on the golf course no doubt with Customized Coolers for any tournament, company or event. 

Each cake is individually hand-sifted and made-from-scratch with no preservatives or artificial flavors. We use cage-free eggs. These are the best cakes you will ever put in your mouth! 

The SweepEasy scrape and go broom is an innovative tool developed by Shane Pannell that makes cleaning hard flooring surfaces easier than ever before! Featuring a built in deployable scraper, the eco –friendly SweepEasy scrape and go broom safely and effectively removes any hardened debris, gum or stickers. Gone are the days of getting on your hands and knees to scrape up these problems with a butter knife or messy pre-soaking using harmful chemicals- Now you simply scrape, sweep and go!