Season 2, Episode 8

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
CitiKitty, the Cat Toilet Training Kit, trains cats of all age, size and breed to use the toilet for under $30. CitiKitty is an eco-friendly solution to the traditional litter box and uses a cat's natural instincts during training. Launched in 2005, CitiKitty has helped thousands of cat owners go litter-free. CitiKitty hopes to capture a portion of the multi-billion dollar litter market with its innovative, cost-saving and mess-free solution. 

Conceived in 2003, Samson Martin emerged as an adorable line of tees and tanks that cater to that fashionable mom-to-be. As the ORIGINAL creator of the "DUE IN" ™ tee, our mission was to stop hiding behind our beautiful bellies and embrace our personal style. Samson Martin believes in celebrating your shape and doing so in style! Our line of tees and tanks are designed to be form fitted and sexy. We believe the "have a babe, be a babe" approach is the key to a beautiful pregnancy. 

Aldo Orta Jewelry is a producer of fine, high quality jewelry inspired by the history, mythology and monarchies from all cultures. Sharing now with the world the messages from the greatest thinkers, kings and gods. Using the most iconic symbols to instill confidence and encourage each individual to create their own destiny. 

Onesole-The Original Interchangeable Shoe-was invented by pharmacist Dominique McClain Barteet in the back of her pharmacy as a hobby. Now the pharmacy has been moved to the back of the shoe factory in Palm Beach, FL where they are manufactured. It is the perfect travel shoe known for its comfort and the ability to change your look in a snap from casual to dressy in seconds with over 1,000 different tops.