Season 3, Episode 1

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
The Chordbuddy is the only guitar learning system that allows you to play the guitar instantly with the push of a button. With buttons over the chords that guide you, Chordbuddy simplifies the learning process for the novice player and gives him/her encouragement to keep going. Travis Perry created the product for his 10-year old daughter as a way to keep her from quitting guitar. "As a guitar teacher for years I saw how frustrated people would get and they'd just give up. I wanted to fix that," says Travis. Wildly charismatic, with a unique personality and a big heart, Travis and his Chordbuddy have found their way into over 100 music stores across country and need some help from the Sharks too keep the music alive. 

If there is one thing these Sharks know and love, it is the smell of money… and Pat McCarthy has developed a product to give them exactly that! His Money and Her Money are fragrances with yes, you guessed it, the scent of money. Liquid Money has already generated buzz on television interviews and articles all over the internet from the likes of Elle Magazine, Yahoo, and The Today Show; not to mention the loads of international interest, especially from Japan. 

TailLightz are a blue jeans accessory that lets people bring attention to the greatest, erm, "assets". These LED lights attach to the back pockets of your pants, and blink as you walk. Will the Sharks sign-up to bring attention to this hilarious novelty product? 

When Megan Cummins handed in her college graphic design project, little did she know it would evolve into a burgeoning soap business! You Smell soap has an elegantly designed package with a vintage look and invigorating smell. She has been contacted by dozens of stores around the world, including Urban Outfitters, major hotels, bed and breakfast's, inns, and notable gift chains. Her business requires a significant upfront investment but she doesn't have the means to meet the demand. Will the Sharks smell success?