Season 3, Episode 11

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Did you know that when you dry one load of clothes in an average 1600 square foot home, you are pumping-out air that you just paid to heat? What a waste! The Heat Helper is a heat-recycling device that filters warm air from the dryer and puts it back into the home during the winter months. For the past several years they have been selling in Lowe's and Walmart as a special order item and on their online sites. Lyle is seeking $150,000 to buy more inventory and lower his manufacturing cost. 

What started out as a class project for these two college students has grown into a $60,000 business in just ten months! Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo have invented the only mix-and-match lip balm kissing product – each balm has a complimentary flavor that interacts with your loved one's. These two budding entrepreneurs need the cash and expertise to package and market their lovely new product. But which of the Sharks will they get to test their product? 

Young newlyweds Daniel and Stephanie Rensing have a line of innovative, clever kitchen products to make cooking easy. Their most popular product is the "cheat sheet apron," that has conversion tables printed upside down for easy reading. After only two weeks of selling on Etsy, it was featured in Food Network Magazine. Product demand is overwhelming and the Rensing's are looking to see if the Sharks can help take The Smart Baker to the next level. Adding to the stakes is the fact that Stephanie just lost her job as a kindergarden teacher. 

Scott Jordan was a successful attorney, but desperately unhappy with his job, so he thought he'd try his hand and creating something to make money. This self proclaimed gadget guy became frustrated with the lack of "gadget-friendly clothing" on the market and refused to carry a "man purse." So he produced and patented a wiring system that allows you to carry all your modern day electronic gadgets in a jacket or vest. Initially investing $60,000, his technology is currently being licensed to clothing companies Ralph Lauren, Northface, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Jansport and Timberland. In 2010 he made $6.1M and is on track to do $10M in 2011. This company is the real deal and could easily turn into a feeding frenzy.