Season 3, Episode 12

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
The term "Cougar" has firmly entrenched itself in the American lexicon, and now represents a large and growing segment of the population. Along with that market saturation comes buying power...which is where Cougar Limited 21 comes in. It's a Cougar-themed product line that includes an energy drink lifestyle shot and a sexy/confident fashion line. With Ryan Custer's company appealing directly to this growing market, and piggy-backing on already existing, established channels of revenue, Cougar Limited is ready to pounce! 

Tired of tossing your old sneakers on the telephone wires? Remyxx is the first 100% recycled tennis shoe! This shoe has a very fashion-forward design and you can take extra comfort in knowing it has zero landfill impact. With the high demand for sustainable green product these days, even Gary is surprised he was the first to think of these remarkable shoes. Fresh from the R&D stage, Remyxx is ready for the consumer market, and with the extensive research Gary has done, he is completely confident the Sharks will see the potential for a tremendous success! 

Frank and Debrae have taken the idea of BowFlex and improved on it ten-fold...The Nitroforce is the world's most powerful gym, giving the user over 100 exercises and over 1,000lbs of nitrogen gas-pressured resistance. With three patents on their design, Frank and Debrae have positioned themselves perfectly to flex their muscles in the home gym market... and flex their bank accounts with the Sharks! 

Phil Dumas is a master of locks. He gained much of his "access control" experience as the Vice President of Product Development with Sequiam (A biometric access control company). Now he has his own awesome access control product, a system that lets users lock and unock their homes with a swipe on their smartphone! His business will give the key it's first modification in 1,100 years.