Season 3, Episode 13

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Airbedz is the original truck bed air mattress! The air mattress is specifically made for a pickup truck, with cutouts for the wheel wells that allow the mattress to utilize the entire back of the pickup truck bed and lie flat. The airbed is so strong you can drive a car over it. Airbedz boasts three patents and $200k gross income last year. 

Boot Illusion is the next step in fashion forward footwear. The idea came to it's creator in a dream. It goes from boot to shoe or shoe to boot in just seconds! This patented product is sold in a variety of styles and colors. Boot Illusions can fill your closet with an assortment of styles for a fraction of the cost of traditional boots and require less than a quarter of the storage space. This product has only been on the market a short time, and without any advertising has already grossed $135,000. The Sharks will surely see the value in this soon-to-be fashion mainstay. 

As the creator of Rollerblades, Scott Olson is no stranger to innovative modes of transportation. With Sky ride, Scott has built a futuristic human-powered transportation system that is going to revolutionize the way people move about the planet. This elevated mono-rail bike system with patent-pending lane changing ability, allows riders to move quickly and efficiently around any environment. Sky ride Technology will be used in Fitness Clubs, Ski Resorts, and in Urban Environments. Do the Sharks see the same future as Scott? 

Villy Customs is the one and only custom fashion cruiser bike brand in the world. Utilizing an interactive website, you can design your own cruiser from A to Z. In their second year in business they grossed $130,000 and are on schedule to double that this year. With a "fanatical fan base," and with a little help from the Sharks, Villy Customs is positioned to accomplish its goal of becoming "the largest cruiser bike brand in the world.