Season 3, Episode 15

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
CAB 20  
More and more, the music industry is taking raw, fresh, inspiring music talent and turning it into conveyor belt product. Sapping it of its passion and intensity in the hopes of scoring a top-10 single on the Billboard charts. Cab 20 wants no part of that, which is why they're coming to the Sharks. "Cab 20," says manager Tom Callahan, "is an up and coming band that is already creating industry buzz...Their sound, 60's surf/punk, belies their youth, but speaks to their indie street cred and passion." To keep that indie cred alive, Cab 20 is seeking funding so they can avoid the marketing machine that currently constitutes the music industry and continue touring, creating the original music that is written solely by the lead singer, and cultivating the already thriving following they've built. 

Billy Blanks Jr., the son of the founder of the "Tae Bo" work out, is out to take the fitness world by storm. The trademarked "Dance With Me" is an updated and new take on "Zumba." It takes fitness to another level by incorporating every kind of dance routine and targets every age group. "Dance With Me" is already a huge success in the video arena with LionsGate as a top distributor and directing the video is the director from  Dancing With The Stars . It is currently being sold at Wal- Mart, Target, Amazon.com, and Best Buy. Billy Blanks Jr. now wants to take his fitness program across the world and certify instructors to teach his "Dance With Me" program. Certification is being requested from gyms worldwide, but their main issue is getting enough capitol to persue these requests. Currently they are in negotiation with Japan and Taiwan for licensing. 

Be your own bikini designer with the world's first completely interchangeable swimsuit. All Mix Bikini pieces are sold separately and are interchangeable with one another. The more Mix Bikini parts you collect, the more mix bikini styles you create at home. No matter what your style, from preppy and couture, to rock and punk, you can create a Mix Bikini that is right for you. This is a patent- pending technology. All pieces have loops sewn into them and the bikini pieces fit together with interchangeable rings and strings. Mix rings are made of special metal that allow you to easily bend them open and closed. The bottom front and the bottom back connect at the crotch similar to a dancers body suit. The two young men that founded this company are seeking 100,000 to expand the line and improve the website. 

When starting freshman year at the University of Oregon, roommates Erika and Keeley wouldn't have imagined they'd be juggling homework while running their own home-made peanut butter company; but here they are, making lots of money and dean's list. Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter has already seen success and it's only been around since January 2011! With it's adorable logo and five creative, delicious, unique flavors, these two college cuties are ready take their PB business and fly up to the next level. Erika and Keeley are hoping the Sharks will be the jelly to Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter and invest once they get a taste of these tasty, peanut buttery spreads!