Season 3, Episode 4

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Who says baked sweets and treats are just for humans? Kelly Chaney created cake mix for dogs that comes in chocolate, banana, and peanut butter. All of her ingredients are natural and healthy for dogs. Puppy Cake is the number one Google hit for cake mix for dogs and has been featured in Modern Dog Magazine, The Bark Magazine, Pet Product News International, Pet Age, and the Daily Candy Weekend Guide. She made over $20k in 2010 and is now looking for an investment to help grow her business into a nationally known product. 

It's embarrassing for kids to change out of their wet swimsuit in public, but stay-at-home Mom Shelly Ehler is here to the rescue with the Show-No, a poncho style, super soft towel in a variety of fun colors and patterns that keeps both kids and adults covered head to toe.! Shelly and her family have had some pretty bad luck due to the slow economy recently losing their business and having to move from their home, but that hasn't stopped her from staying positive and getting this towel out to the masses. It's currently used in six different water parks and was featured on the Today Show! Once the Sharks put one of these snuggly towel covers, will they be reaching for their wallets and investing in Shelly's ShowNos? 

The Swilt is the sweater reinvented. It's a product that blends the wearability of a sweater with the comfort of a quilt; it has the ability to transform from a sweater into a full body cover within a few snaps, complete with pockets and a hood to cover your head. The creators of Swilt are a young husband and wife duo who launched the product in 2010 and have sold over a hundred units to people within their community with no marketing or advertising. They have secured their patent, a manufacturing deal with an over-seas garment provider, and the website… but they need capital for inventory. Will the Sharks see this as the next Snuggy? 

Ever spat-out a swig of day-old wine? Eric Corti, a lover of wine with his own line of cabernet, has the solution: The Wine Balloon! It fills up all the empty space in the wine bottle, thereby pushing all the oxygen out and keeping the wine as fresh as the day you first opened it. Using an FDA approved rubber, and employing a patent-pending utility mechanism, Eric's brilliant WOW! idea is primed to explode on the marketplace. With an investment from the Sharks he's looking to ramp up inventory and engage distribution channels.