Season 3, Episode 5

By ABC.com | Jul 25th, 2013
Sisters Mackenzie and Rachel began their jewelry line "Litter," after tearing apart their old jewelry and turning them into new pieces. Their jewelry has gained a celebrity cult following from Nicole Richie to Fergie to Vanessa Hudgens. They have been featured in  Harpers Bazaar Elle Teen Vogue , and a special segment on "The Today Show." They made over $50k in 2010 when they first launched their line, and now they are looking to expand their brand in order to keep up with the increasingly high demand. 

These four brothers are young, handsome and passionate about their organic skin care line, which is free of harmful toxins, parabens, and harsh chemicals. Hand-blending each and every bottle with citrus and coconut oil, they distribute to various hotels and spas throughout Florida but are currently struggling to keep up with the demand. They have an opportunity to take Nardo's Natural national and provide products to over 100 accounts… but they'll need a Shark's investment. 

Coach Tony Devine's Profender is the next big thing in basketball training. It's an easy to use substitute basketball defender with the backing of NBA All-Stars Rajon Rondo and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as numerous major collegiate teams. Without any marketing, Tony has sold over $25,000 worth of units in his first 10 months. Looking to gain access into the retail market, Tony needs money from the Sharks to redesign his product — one which he builds himself to this day — to make it more cost efficient for families. 

Can't trust a teenage sitter with your kids? Need a warm, kind, attentive, caretaker for your family? Then Rent-A-Grandma! Rent-A-Grandmas are carefully selected mature women who are the most knowledgeable nannies, housekeepers, chefs, caregivers and personal assistants. While this business has only existed for a short six months, Rent-A-Grandma has gained national attention through NPR and many news stories.